Creating Life Balance

NO Life Balance = REGRETS                                                                        by:  Latina Berryhill

As I sit here staring through the glass and into the clouds, this constant tightening in my belly is an overwhelming reminder of the “What IFs”.  My days are filled with disbelief and I continue to struggle daily with the reality of our new norm.  It’s been almost a year since we lost our son. And as we are on this new life journey, I want to enlighten parents and employers throughout the world.

For 15+ years, I have climbed the corporate ladder and thrived on building client relationships, closing deals, managing teams and exceeding expectations to move to the next level in the organization.  Consistent travel monthly was a part of the job and an opportunity to network within my industry as I continue to build rapport with the stakeholders.  And besides, there were perks that came with company travel.  My miles continued to increase so my family and I could relish in the free flights.  Free flights, earning client’s trust, making my company millions of dollars, padding our accounts…at what cost?  Here’s where the “What Ifs” come into play. I missed games, plays, school events, family dinners, etc. and I wonder how many more sweet and precious memories I’d have IF I hadn’t chosen such a demanding career or if I would’ve just said No.  So often my boss would ask me to stay longer, attend an extra meeting or conference, take weekend or late-night calls that would disrupt family time.  Not one time did I think about not having the opportunity to see, touch, hug, hold, hear or spend time with one of my kids ever again. In a single moment, that opportunity was taken away and no amount of time or money will change our reality.

Employers have a business to run and most only care about their bottom line.  Don’t be a number for them.  Demand life balance so you savor every moment of your children’s lives while you can.  Don’t allow these companies to take over and disrupt your need to pour into your kids.  Time is so precious!  Children grow so quickly and time is one thing that we can’t get back.  No job/career, money, perks, status or title is more important than your FAMILY. I want to encourage LEADERS within organizations to be considerate and show appreciation for your staff.  “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”, said Maya Angelou.  When you allow your employees time with their families and time off to recharge, they are able to be more productive and effective. You should take time off yourself and remember to make your family a priority as well.  You don’t find happiness, you create it.  Our businesses and careers are extremely important but our family should take precedence so a balance has to be created and respected. Live, Love, Laugh and be present in your everyday life.  We were gifted this life so live fully!  Remember to set boundaries at work and prioritize your home life. To quote Tony Robbins, “The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”

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